Trending 2024 – Body Jewelry

One of the most fabulous trends is finally back, and we missed it so much! Back in 2016 we were one of few jewelers that had hand chains in stock, and we are so glad that they are back! 

Not only hand chains are loved by many, lately body chains and anklets are making a comeback as well. 

We hope that this sexy and feminine jewelry trend stays because it allows for so much more playfulness and creativity when it comes to styling jewelry. As you may have seen we launched two different hand chains in 14K Gold at the end of 2023 and at the beginning of this year popular jewelry brands have picked up on it too! Sydney Evan has been killing it with their new body jewelry collection, featuring so many playful body chains and hand chains (see images below). 

The hand chains we launched late last year you can shop here:

To shop the Sydney Evan hand chains please DM us on Instagram!


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